The Mark Hutten Show: Episode 1

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  1. How about calling the show: "Its all about your Aspie" Show?

  2. My husband and I just listened to your first show and wanted to send kudos! Thank you--long time coming for such super support! Yeah for you--I am sharing your web site with all!

  3. Greetings Mark
    As I was searching for info & diet for children that are on the sorectrum & I found your sight.

    In love the term Aspie! It's endearing & NOT scientific sounding. Tx for not changing for all the nit pickers out there. Carry on.

    Concerned grandmother,

  4. I'm thinking the name of the show should have Aspie or Asbergers in it, for the simple reason that it would be found while searching ".. Talks about Your Aspie By Mark Hutten??
    You'll know when you get the right name,it'll just confirm something that's already in your heart.